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Hi there, thanks for visiting my page. I'm a {{ 542937600 | lmAgeFilter }}-year-old techie guy that loves traveling. I never seem to get enough of discovering new places! My wanderlust eventually led me to aviation. I had the great opportunity to join a carrier called ASL Airlines based in Paris. There I managed the deployment of an innovative system called Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) onboard aircraft that enabled us to be the first French airline to go paperless in the cockpit.

I then relocated to the US, in Boston, and joined a leader in flight avionics called Thales. I now provide support to airlines in North and South America on their Electronic Flight Bags projects.

I also have a hobbie for programming and web design. I have worked on several projects, some voluntary, others as a freelance. Check out my portfolio below for more details and feel free to contact me.


Programming Languages

Tools and Frameworks

Graduated with MS Degree from INSA Lyon in Telecommunications
Advanced Master at ENAC in Aviation
Internship at Air France
Joined ASL Airlines France
Created Part-Aero.com
Relocated to Boston
Joined Thales USA

Below is a map of places I have visited, more to come soon :)

My work


Part-Aero.com provides easy and free access to EASA regulation by linking together important documents in a user-friendly interface. The service is being used by more than 70 airlines and agencies across Europe.


Electronic Flight Bag

ASL Airlines France (formerly known as Europe Airpost) is a major French carrier for mail, cargo and passenger charter services. I joined their Flight Operations Engineering team from 2012 to 2015.

I was in charge the deployment, support and continuous improvement of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) onboard our B737s. The system is used by pilots to run aircraft performance calculations in flight as well as display charts and manuals electronically. We were the first French airline to go paperless in the cockpits!

I was also in charge of providing technical support on our aircraft performance software (takeoff / landing performance calculation, weight & balance) and authoring the Flight Crew Operating Manual, MEL, and procedures for the B737-700 fleet.

© ASL Airlines France

Electronic QRH viewer

QRH are handbooks designed for pilots to quickly access important aircraft information in flight. They are also needed during flight preparation but they are heavy to carry and costly for each pilot to keep an up-to-date copy. As more and more pilots are now using tablets for flight preparation, I developed an app that reproduces the same ease of use as the paper QRH found onboard to explore the concept.


The app is based on my open-source touch-responsive PDF viewer. It is freely available on GitHub and can be used to display tabs any kind of PDF online.

TouchPDF Project on GitHub

Dare Pixel Hosting Platform

In partnership with Dare Pixel in 2016, we launched a web hosting and maintenance service targeting small companies with growing online business needs. The key features are advanced health monitoring, smart alarms and a simple, user-friendly administration platform for our hosted customers.

Check out the administration platform demo online!



Detours is a travel agency specialized in vacation packages to Greece. As part of the agency's online business expansion, I was in charge of the development of a back office Prestashop module. Their travel agents use the module to define hotel, transportation, and touristic services and bundle them together in packages that may include optional items or upgrades. The price of a package is then calculated for each customer based on the number of persons, dates and options.

The back office tool is not publicly available, but you can check out the agency's website for an example of a vacation package.



PhpBF is a Smarty-based PHP Framework that I progressively built as I reused code from one project to another. It deals with common tasks such as DB access, form validation, templating, translation and localization. It implements the MVC pattern and aims at making my web developments as fast and efficient as possible. I first published it in 2006 and I still rely on it for some of my projects.


Interactive interim driver roster for Lyon city subway

Etutcl.fr is an example of a web application I co-developed using my PHP framework when I was working for the subway operator of Lyon. The tool assists the subway operators manager in assigning interim drivers to duties. It features an interactive calendar with two-way communication, avoiding long emails and phone calls. It’s been continuously running for {{ 1262304000 | lmAgeFilter }} years now!

Web app login page